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Quincy Jones Practices Extremely Poor Social Distancing in Travis Scott’s New ‘Out West’ Video

Well, the handwashing scene was appreciated, but there is no amount of soap and water to protect you when you’re crammed inside Travis Scott’s “Out West” video featuring Young Thug and, in an incredible cameo, the famous Mr. Quincy Jones. There are way more than ten people in one dwelling, everyone there is less than six feet apart, there are bodily fluids being swapped by the second and, honestly, who even knows what explodes out of the drywall when a human body is thrown through it? Nothing good. And that’s not even getting into the whole sandwich-making thing. Of course, Travis and the gang undoubtedly shot this video pre-coronavirus outbreak, so you can feel safe when you sit back and nostalgically enjoy the party from the safety of your own self-quarantine. Aw, remember parties?

Quincy Jones Parties Hard in Travis Scott’s ‘Out West’ Video