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Hey, Céline Dion Just Wanted to Take Another Look at This Singing Fan

Photo: Céline Dion braving coronavirus/Instagram

Do we have another Charlotte Awbery situation on our hands? On Wednesday, Céline Dion was minding her own business leaving the Four Seasons Hotel in downtown NYC, wearing sunglasses in the back of a chauffeured van, being fabulous, etc., when she graciously rolled down her window to say good-bye to the peasants her adoring fans. And what did she find? An aspiring singer (and certified life coach!) named Freida Solomon, with a song in her heart. Specifically, Céline Dion’s “I Surrender.” In an Instagram video that has been viewed almost 90,000 times, @musicbyfreida belts out a raspy eight-and-a-half-bars of the Céline classic as the French-Canadian diva fully stops her driver to listen to the aspiring songstress. At the end of the video, Céline gives the girl a fist bump (very brave, in these troubled times!) before simply saying, “Thank you so much for that.” The campaign for Céline to play Jackson “I just wanted to take another look at you” Maine in the inevitable 2040 A Star Is Born remake begins today.

Céline Dion Just Wanted to Take Another Look at This Fan