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Yes, Katy Perry Is Pregnant. No, She’s ‘Never Worn White’ in New Music Video

The rumors are true … Katy Perry has not once worn white in her entire life. Also, she’s pregnant! At midnight on Thursday, Perry released the music video for her new ballad titled “Never Worn White” and boy did it answer some questions. The song begins with a little snippet of Mendelssohn’s “Wedding March” (the first clue that something is up!), a nod to her upcoming nuptials with fiancé Orlando Bloom. Perry goes on to spend most of the video standing in one spot (another hint that she may be pregnant), wearing either a headpiece and dress made up of hundreds of flowers (Beyoncé vibes) or a flowing white gown, as she sings about about how she’s never actually worn white before. The kicker comes at the very end, when after she has finished singing to her husband to be, Perry reveals that not only is she ready to wear white for the first time, but also she is, in fact, with child. Check out Katy Perry’s baby bump and the music video for “Never Worn White” here.

Katy Perry Is Pregnant in ‘Never Worn White’ Video