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Is Katy Perry Trying to Tell Us Something (About Pregnancy) in This Video Teaser?

Listen. We don’t want to speculate wildly here, but are you guys noticing something in this teaser for Katy Perry’s upcoming song and video, “Never Worn White”? Like, maybe a pregnancy something? Perry is well known for doing the most in her music videos — like the time her nude-suited body was stretched and pulled like bread dough for “Bon Appétit” — so staging herself as with child only to give birth to something like the whole planet Earth by the end of a video (or better yet, an album) seems not only possible but likely. However, she has also been with her man, Orlando Bloom, for a long time and they are getting married so … who knows? Maybe we will find out tonight, when the impromptu video drops, or maybe we will get more questions than answers.

Is Katy Perry Trying to Tell Us Something (About Pregnancy)?