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Late Night With Seth Meyers Takes ‘a Closer Look’ at Coronavirus Before Going on Hiatus

Before joining other NBC late-night television programs and going on hiatus until March 23, Late Night With Seth Meyers left us on Thursday evening with Meyers taking his signature “Closer Look” at the coronavirus and the havoc it has wreaked all over the world. Dressed down in a casual blue button-down and delivering his jokes to a much more intimate audience, Meyers addresses Sarah Palin’s insane performance on The Masked Singer, Trump’s anxiety-inducing lack of leadership and middling speech, and the not-so-secret racism that are all wrapped up in the virus.

While the lack of an audience is palpable, Meyers more than gets the job done analyzing both the absurdity of our current situation and the very real threat the world faces at the hands of this disease. “Our government is massively failing us at a time when the nation is looking for guidance,” says Meyers at the end of his segment. “So now it’s up to the media, public health officials, work places, and individuals to take this seriously, practice caution, and lead where the president is failing.” Wise words from a man we won’t hear from until at least March 23.

Late Night With Seth Meyers Takes ‘Closer Look’ at Corona