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John Mulaney Wore an Eggplant Suit and Did Perfect Stand-Up for His SNL Monologue

This Saturday’s episode of Saturday Night Live was a monumental one if you care about idiosyncratic artists and the suits they wear. David Byrne and his American Utopia crew were the musical guests, in their signature matching grey uniforms. In one sketch, John Mulaney wore a slinky little sailor suit with the sleeves and pants shot clean off. And for his opening monologue, his third in as-many years, Mulaney defied the Leap Day blue and yellow tradition and wore eggplant as he delivered what was essentially a perfect little stand-up set. Considering he had nothing to promote except the month of March as a concept, Mulaney used his time to let viewers know that their Baby Boomer dads don’t have friends, just “wives’ best friends’ husbands.” That would explain Jesus’s greatest miracle: his twelve adult male best friends. Mulaney also rails on the Founding Fathers, hints at Julius Caesar-ing Trump, and describes his experience being a Make-A-Wish Foundation child’s wish: “I’m not someone you need to wish to meet… I wouldn’t wish that on a healthy adult.”

John Mulaney Wears a Suit, Does Stand-up, Is Perfect on SNL