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The Platform Trailer Features a Grotesque Vertical Prison Bringing Out Humanity’s Worst

Everything about The Platform feels upsetting on a fundamental level. Mass incarceration, a class system represented by a vertical that literally places the haves (contextually speaking) above the have nots, the worst impulses of human nature to abandon people in the service of your own needs — even after those needs are fully satisfied and you’re just being greedy. Yikes!

But that’s also why it’s such an exciting set up for a horror film. The Platform focuses on a collection of prisoners in a stacked prison where the only food available to inmates is what’s leftover after the people above them have had their fill. People starve to death. People fall or jump through the center opening to their deaths. There seems to be cannibalism. It’s just a nightmare, and we are very excited to see it when it arrives on Netflix come March 20.

The Platform Trailer Showcases Awful Ways To Die