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We Summon the Darkness Trailer Has Satanic Panic and a Pastor Johnny Knoxville

We’re going back to the ’80s, horror fans, back to big hair and satanic panic and rock-and-roll music. The upcoming horror comedy We Summon the Darkness stars Alexandra Daddario as the head of a little leather-clad girl gang looking to headbang and meet boys at a small-town concert, and, of course, the boys they find are only too happy to oblige the young hotties when they all come together at a Soldiers of Satan show. But there’s a string of serial killings gripping America being pinned on devil-worshipping cultists, making it a dangerous time for people to be going home with strangers. Johnny Knoxville co-stars as the televangelist Pastor John Henry Butler, and Austin Swift makes an appearance as one of the lucky guys Daddario and her friends decide to party with. Darkness hits VOD on April 10, which means you can definitely watch it in quarantine.

We Summon the Darkness Trailer: It’s Pastor Johnny Knoxville