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Will Arnett Bringing His Own Laugh Track to Jimmy Kimmel Live! Is Coronavirus Etiquette

Will Arnett is fine. Totally fine. Completely okay! It’s not like he’s hiding in his garage with a BoJack Horseman mask and a bunch of exercise equipment or anything. He’s so fine, actually, that he planned ahead to run his own laugh track for every Jimmy Kimmel Live! quip, even if Kimmel is confused by the whole thing. “Oh yeah, Jimmy, that’s something I’ve got access to. Anyway, we’re having a blast here,” Arnett (and his treadmill) (and his basketball hoop) responds. “I’m living pretty close to the bone over here, Jim.” He also won’t take any slander against his makeshift body temple, either. “I don’t know if you’ve checked out the news recently,” Arnett added, “but I don’t have time to go to your fancy Hollywood gyms.” Yeah, like the guy with the $3,000 jersey is going to waste his time at Equinox. Come on.

Will Arnett Brings His Own Laugh Track to Jimmy Kimmel Live!