Younger’s Debi Mazar Details Her ‘Morphy’ Monthlong Coronavirus Battle

Photo: Instagram: @debimazar

The latest public figure to share their positive coronavirus diagnosis is Younger and Entourage actress Debi Mazar, who, on Saturday, wrote a substantial message on Instagram to detail what life has been like for her before and after the diagnosis. Mazar said that about a month ago, her entire family (a husband and two teenage daughters) got an “odd bug,” which included all of the common symptoms of the coronavirus. Two weeks later, Mazar woke up with “the same symptoms,” in addition to a 102.4 fever and intense body aches. “I had had cocktails the evening prior, and smoked a few cigarettes,” she wrote. “I figured I had jacked my immune system from having a fun night with friends.” When Mazar tried to get a coronavirus test, she was denied by her doctor, as she hadn’t recently traveled out of the country or been with someone who tested positive:

I found this kind of a CRAZY criteria for a NY’er as I had taken the subway, gone to the theater, the grocery store, the pharmacy, hair salon, etc. I was the mom who was trying to prepare the home and get supplies & bleach wipes, dry goods, extra food, etc. Because we have Italian family in Italy and we follow the news closely, my biggest panic was why were they not closing schools in NYC & forbidding movement outside the home without permission, like China and all of Europe?

Mazar was finally able to get a coronavirus test at a local urgent-care clinic last week, and received her positive diagnosis on Saturday. She said her symptoms change on a daily — and sometimes hourly — basis. “I’m hoping I’ve been through the worst of it already,” she explained. “It’s very ‘morphy.’ One day I feel crappy and the next I’m normal. Today my lungs are heavy, but I’m tough. I can breath, and I’m going to heal here, in my own home! My family is under quarantine for 14 days. They have no symptoms. I think we all had it possibly already? Who knows.”

In addition to Mazar, other celebrities who have detailed their coronavirus journeys include Tom Hanks, Idris Elba, Andy Cohen, and Daniel Dae Kim.

Debi Mazar Details ‘Morphy’ Monthlong Coronavirus Battle