Not Only Should You Stream The Phantom of the Opera This Weekend, You Have To

You spend your days eating Doritos and drinking Dr. Pepper, wearing the same gigantic sweatshirt and watching Friends. If you’re basically living life like you’re 12 years old again, you might as well take a moment and enjoy the Broadway musical you loved most at that age: The Phantom of the Opera. On Friday, London’s Royal Albert Hall 2011 staging of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s 12th most insane musical, starring Ramin Karimloo, Sierra Boggess, and Hadley Fraser, livestreamed on Webber’s “The Shows Must Go On” YouTube channel to benefit the Actors Fund.

“During these unprecedented times, charitable organizations continue to make heroic efforts to help those affected COVID-19,” the video begins. “The Actors Fund provides emergency financial aid to help cover essential medication costs and basic living expenses to those affected.” You can also find the donation links for Acting for Others, Broadway Cares, and other arts nonprofits here. So, go ahead. Light approximately a million drippy candles, throw the cover off your basement gondola, and enjoy the music of the night. But be sure to enjoy the music of the night this weekend, because the Phantom video will be taken down after 48 hours.

Not Only Should You Stream Phantom of the Opera, You Have To