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Adam Sandler Returns to Late-Night With Another Wholesome Quarantine Song

Adam Sandler has been all over late-night since this quarantine stuff began: He sang a 28-second opera note on Conan. He chatted with Jimmy Fallon about their days at SNL. He debuted his quarantine anthem. If you were hoping for even more Sandler content, you’re in luck. Last night’s remote Tonight Show episode featured a segment where Sandler returned to sing an educational and kid-friendly duet with Fallon called “Don’t Touch Grandma.” In the song, the comedians outline the “new grandma rules” we must follow right now to protect our grandmas at all costs against the pandemic: “Grandmas want to knit you sweaters and to bake you cookies / But you must tell your grandma, ‘No touchy, just looky!’” Here’s to all the restless kids trapped at home with their parents who will be singing this song all around the house today.

Adam Sandler Performs Another Wholesome Quarantine Song