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Food Network Taps Amy Schumer to Host Quarantine Cooking Show

Photo: Jeffrey Mayer/Getty Images

In this new era of celebrity women dating (and sometimes marrying) novel boyfriend types — from behind-the-scenes SNL employees to tech entrepreneurs to art gallerists — it’s important to remember that Amy Schumer’s decision to date and marry a chef back in 2017 makes her a leader in the field. Now, that marriage is paying dividends in the form of a new deal with Food Network that will find Schumer learning to cook alongside her chef husband, Chris Fischer, during the coronavirus quarantine era. According to VarietyAmy Schumer Learns to Cook will consist of 30-minute self-filmed episodes centered on themes like taco night and pasta night. Schumer will take on cocktail-making duties while watching and possibly helping Fischer with cooking “farm-fresh ingredients.” The show will premiere this spring, and no word if her infant son will make a cameo.

Amy Schumer Will Host Food Network Quarantine Cooking Show