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Ari Lennox’s ‘Bussit’ Music Video Is What Spring 2020 Should’ve Been

Ari Lennox is getting her hair done, nails done, everything did in the music video for her new song “Bussit.” Set in a glam, plant-adorned salon, Ari and her girls get their lives to the R&B track. They’re dressed in color head to toe, with coordinating feather boas and fans for a little drama. This rainbow ode to one of mankind’s most treasured rituals — getting glam — comes at a time when we’re separated from the nail techs, hairstylists, and colorists that we love. The “Bussit” video is what we thought spring 2020 was going to be, unlike the reality of what spring 2020 actually is, which is garbage. Lennox deserves a lush music video dedicated to her beauty, after having to deal with Snoop Dogg’s antics last week. The veteran rapper commented “Grow your own hair” on a video posted by the Shade Room of Lennox trying on a wig, apparently forgetting that Lennox defended him during the Gayle King–Kobe Bryant fallout. But it’s common knowledge that Ari Lennox’s magical, lengthy, type 4 curls give her her enchanting singing voice, so she just wrecked him right back. “Uncle I just…I just thought we had an understanding,” she wrote under a since-deleted photo of Snoop Dogg in a blonde wig. Busted.

Ari Lennox’s New Music Video Is What Spring Should’ve Been