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Billy Eichner Wants You to Protect Elena at All Costs During the Pandemic

Billy Eichner was a guest on last night’s remotely produced episode of Late Night With Seth Meyers, and when he wasn’t talking about how horny he is during quarantine or wanting to be the next Pee-wee Herman, he was giving Seth a much-needed update about Billy on the Street favorite Elena. Eichner said he’s been keeping in touch with her during the pandemic, and he had to remind her that taking photos with fans right now is not a smart thing to do. “Elena thinks she’s indestructible, so people were still taking selfies with her in the early days of all this,” Eichner told Meyers. “We literally got in touch with Elena and we said, ‘You cannot leave your house! You cannot take selfies with people right now!’”

Thankfully, Elena is now wearing a mask and gloves and mostly limiting her “outside” time to the lobby of her building, but that didn’t stop Eichner from begging fans to leave her the hell alone right now. “Please do not go up to her right now and ask for selfies, because she’s like Kylie Jenner — she won’t say no! She lives for the attention! So please protect Elena and don’t bother her too much right now, because we want Elena to stay safe.” If you truly love Elena and happen to see her on the streets of New York right now, just remember: The best way to show her you love her during this pandemic is to leave her alone. (But definitely still snap a photo of her from a safe distance across the street and post it on Instagram.)

Billy Eichner Wants You to Protect Elena at All Costs