Borgen, the Danish Show You Have Either Never Heard of or Absolutely Love, Is Coming Back on Netflix

Put on your finest coats. Photo: Link TV

Exciting news for a small but vocal group among the Vulture staff and also specifically my parents: Netflix is reviving the Danish political drama Borgen for a fourth season. According to Deadline, the streaming service and the Danish broadcaster DR plan to revive the series, which last aired its third season in 2013, bringing back its original creative team, including creator Adam Price, and stars Sidse Babett Knudsen (Birgitte Nyborg) and Birgitte Hjort Sørensen (Katrine Fønsmark). For those who aren’t familiar, the series operates as a sort of West Wing in sleek Nordic clothing, with a cast of Danish actors who seemingly all got gigs on HBO shows afterward. Birgitte started out the series becoming the nation’s first female prime minister, though in the revival she will be the foreign minister. Katrine, formerly Birgitte’s head of press, will apparently return to journalism in the new season. Netflix has gotten the rights to stream the first three seasons of Borgen as part of the deal, and they’ll all come onto the site later this year, while the new season will premiere in 2022. Birgitte, please swiftly and dourly save us from [gestures] all this.

Nordic Drama Fans Rejoice! Borgen Is Coming Back on Netflix.