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Brad Evans and Nick Ciarelli Join the Tonight Show Writing Staff

Brad Evans and Nick Ciarelli in one of their many funny Twitter videos. Photo: Courtesy of @bradfordevans/Twitter

Two very funny people have landed a very big job during a very bizarre time for that to kind of thing to happen. A representative for NBC has confirmed to Vulture that Los Angeles–based comedians Brad Evans and Nick Ciarelli, who went viral in December with their “Moves Like Bloomberg” parody video, have been hired as writers on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and they both started their new jobs this week. Fallon, like other late-night hosts, has been taping his Tonight Show segments from home while he, his writers, and staff all work remotely while self-quarantining. Evans and Ciarelli were originally planning to move to New York prior to starting on Fallon’s show, but thanks to the coronavirus, they’re now stuck working remotely just like the show’s other writers — only, for them, it’s from Los Angeles instead of New York.

Evans and Ciarelli have been steadily gaining a following in recent years for their Twitter comedy videos parodying everything from political grifters to Brand Twitter to Barstool Sports. They have also written a handful of song parodies for Comedy Bang! Bang!, co-created the Funny or Die–produced series Tween Fest, and until the pandemic began, hosted a live monthly show at UCB in Los Angeles called Atlantic City. Here is a sampling of their work:

The timing of Evans and Ciarelli’s hiring couldn’t be weirder, but if you’re familiar with their work, that’s actually kind of perfect.

Brad Evans and Nick Ciarelli Join Tonight Show Writing Staff