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Britney Spears Accidentally Burned Her Home Gym to the Ground

Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

First off, everyone seems to be okay. Second, Britney Spears gave fans an update from her home gym today, which the singer says she hasn’t been in for about six months since she accidentally burned it to the ground. If you feel like you’re coming in at the end of a story here, so do we! Spears doesn’t seem to have very big feelings about the house fire. It was just a simple accident, really. “I had two candles and — yeah,” says Spears. “One thing lead to another and I burned it down.” Oh! Okay! Things appear to be fine now. A new gym looks like it’s totally intact behind Spears, and if she’s not stressing we probably don’t need to either. But while so many millions of people are stuck inside, don’t get lax on your home safety protocols and forget about those two candles you lit before bed.

Britney Spears Accidentally Burned Down Her Home Gym