Cardi B and Bernie Sanders Talk Coronavirus, Joe Biden in Live Interview

Photo: Bernie Sanders/YouTube

Cardi B sat down for a virtual interview with Bernie Sanders last night — her second interview with the senator, who dropped out of the Democratic primary last week — and wasted no time asking the tough and essential questions. Cardi had been a vocal supporter of Sanders for months, and was understandably devastated and angry when he announced the suspension of his campaign, taking to Instagram Live on Thursday to critique the lack of young voter turnout.

In her interview with Sanders, which was streamed live on Twitter and YouTube, Cardi started out by addressing her Instagram comments. “I don’t know if anybody told you, but the last time I got on Live, I had a fit because I was so hurt and upset that you dropped out of the race,” she said. “I know the youth supports you so much […] I keep telling the youth, ‘You guys really have to go and vote.’ Now we’re stuck between 45 — we’re not going to name him over here — and Joe Biden.” Cardi went on to express her general disinterest and distrust in Biden, and then pivoted to asking Sanders about the coronavirus.

Cardi discussed the effectiveness of social distancing measures with Sanders, as well as the toll of the health-care crisis on vulnerable populations. She also got a call from her mom in the middle of the livestream and called Sanders “Uncle Bernie” throughout, so not only is the interview informative, but also a true delight to watch. Cardi has proven herself to be an incisive and engaging interviewer, and if the world was fair, she would moderate the primary debates. But until then, we have her two interviews with Sanders, as well as the gift of her Twitter.

Cardi B and Bernie Sanders Talk Coronavirus in Interview