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Catherine Zeta-Jones and Her Karaoke Machine Will Give You the Old Razzle-Dazzle

Photo: Catherine Zeta-Jones Instagram

Ladies and gentlemen, Miss Velma Kelly in an act of desperation. That’s right, it’s the part of the show (that is, the multi-act tour de force that is quarantine) where Catherine Zeta-Jones pulls out her karaoke machine, alone, in her basement. “You may be wondering why I’m sitting on the floor in my bathrobe with flashing lights on my face,” she says in an Instagram video that indeed makes us wonder many things. “Hmm … It’s my karaoke machine, revvin’ up for a concert!” She has an audience of one in her dog, but as we all know, she can’t do it alone. Maybe someone should tell her about Zoom karaoke? But in the meantime, the karaoke machine is out, so we might as well hear a little number. Because let’s be real: If you’d have been there (in Catherine Zeta-Jones’s basement), if you’d have seen it (a perfectly good karaoke machine), I betcha you would have done the same (turned it on and made an unhinged Instagram video).

Watch Catherine Zeta-Jones Do Karaoke in Her Basement