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Cedric the Entertainer to Host a CBS Special Made Out of Your Viral Quarantine Videos

Photo: Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images

Sure, you’ve been whiling away your hours by endlessly scrolling through Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and then cycling back again, but CBS is hoping you’d down to watch the coronavirus quarantine’s biggest videos … in TV form. According to Deadline, comedian Cedric the Entertainer, the quarantine host to beat, is set to host CBS’s upcoming special #Homevideos: A Global Phenomenon.

The hour-long special, which will air sometime in May, will reportedly be comprised of “viral home-video moments, featuring the full spectrum of the best videos during our country’s collective experience together,” which the network promises will span “from the humorous to the heartwarming to the most inspirational.”

“This special is a true celebration of the human spirit,” CBS’s SVP of specials, Jodi Roth, told Deadline. “The ingenuity and creativity displayed in these videos is impressive, while also highlighting our spirit and resilience as a community during this unique moment in time.” In case you’re wondering, “Wait a minute, if I accidentally helped write a CBS special, do I get paid for that?,” the network will reportedly be giving a “monetary donation toward a qualifying charity of the participants’ choice.”

Cedric the Entertainer to Host CBS Quarantine-Video Special