Charli XCX, DIY Queen, Will Make and Release a Full Album in Quarantine

Finally, a good thing. Photo: Marc Grimwade/WireImage/Getty Images/2020 Marc Grimwade

Call it her King Lear: Charli XCX will release a full album made during this period of social distancing, she announced on Monday in a Zoom meeting for 1,000 fans. The album, tentatively titled (Lauv, if you’re reading this, look away) How I’m Feeling Now, is set to come out May 15. “I’ve decided that I will make a brand-new album during this quarantine time,” she said on the Zoom, according to fan Twitter account @FckyeahCharli. “It’ll be very DIY — I’ll make it live from scratch, very indicative of the times we’re in.” It’ll be her fourth official album (along with mixtapes like Pop 2), following 2019’s Charli.

Charli plans to share lyrics and songs along the way to ask for fan input, and plans to self-make the album’s visuals as well. PC Music leader A.G. Cook and Grammy-nominated producer BJ Burton will executive produce, while Charli has asked fans to send in their own beats too. She added that she’s putting another project on pause to work on How I’m Feeling Now — so we may have something else to look forward to when this is all over! “It’s important to do this for me now,” Charli said on the Zoom. “To make something that feels really authentic, and real, and representative of what I’m going through.” So get ready for more Zoom meetings, Angels — we’ve got our work cut out for the next month (as if we had much else planned).

Charli XCX Will Make and Release a Full Album in Quarantine