Celebrities Share Their Musical Gifts to Help You Get Through Self-Quarantine

Gloria Estefan, on her feet. Photo: Instagram

In these anxiety-ridden times, where can we turn for comfort? Music, of course! While everyone is more or less trapped in their residences for the foreseeable future, artists like Yo-Yo Ma, Liam Gallagher, Gloria Estefan, Lizzo, and the recovered Rita Wilson have been sharing their musical talents on social media in the hopes that it will provide some entertainment or peace of mind to their fans. This movement has sparked a new genre, which Wilson has aptly named “quarantuning.” Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello performing an acoustic Ed Sheeran cover? A quaranduet. Paramore front woman Haley Williams strumming on her guitar singing “Things She Said” by Kent? A throwback quarantune for your nerve! Wilson making a Spotify playlist for people self-quarantining that includes quite a few songs by Ms. Wilson herself? Not exactly quarantuning, but we’ll allow it because she literally had the coronavirus, survived a long quarantine, and came up with the term.

Gloria Estefan wants you to get on your feet, or rather, put on! your! mask!, to do your part to help flatten the curve. “I wanted to contribute something that would put a bit of humor into a very serious situation because that’s what has helped me get through the toughest moments in my life,” she wrote about the catchy five-minute jam. “I hope I make you smile while imparting an important message!”

Justin Vernon, a.k.a Bon Iver, a.k.a Bonny Bear (not really), debuted a soothing new song called “Things Behind Things Behind Things” during a digital Bernie Sanders rally on April 4. Fast forward to the 1:10:45 mark if you don’t want to waste any time.

Stranger Things actress Maya Hawke, accompanied by her siblings and her dad, Ethan Hawke, serves up a modern twist on the Von Trapp family.

Steve Martin gave the world a “banjo balm.”

Neil Diamond rewrote “Sweet Caroline” to promote good handwashing technique.

Liam Gallagher changed the words to not one …

not two …

But three classic Oasis songs that you can now sing when you wash your hands.

Yo-Yo Ma shares a comforting song from days of yore.

Lizzo, her crystals, and her flute offer a healing meditation.

Wilson gets the brilliant idea to share music while under quarantine.

She pens the word “quarantune,” secures her spot in the history books.

Williams keeps things chill on her acoustic guitar.

Cardi B’s got another hit on her hand with “Coronavirus (Remix).”

Diplo isn’t letting a little global pandemic stop him from dropping the beat.

Mendes and Cabello ignore social distancing etiquette, sing about kissing.

Plus, they dueted on an acoustic rendition of Cabello’s “Havana.”

Celebrities Share Their Musical Gifts in Self-Quarantine