DaBaby’s Third Album Blame It On Baby Has Arrived

The cover of Blame It on Baby. Photo-Illustration: DaBaby

Quaran-who? Armed with a face mask in his new album art, DaBaby is not letting the coronavirus pandemic stop him. The rapper just announced that his upcoming album, Blame It on Baby, is out this Friday, April 17. That’s seven months after his last album, Kirk, and just 13 after his debut album, Baby on Baby. Is he trying to get them all out before he’s DaGrownMan? While several musicians have delayed their albums as a result of the coronavirus, DaBaby is moving forward fearlessly. It’s the kind of confidence you move with when your songs are known to become TikTok hits and TikTok hits are known to become Billboard hits. “Toes” and “Vibez” from Kirk both went TikTok-viral, and Baby on Baby’s “Suge” was huge across TikTok, Dubsmash, and Triller. So the bops are incoming. After the rapper teased an April 17 release this week, fans were expecting another single like “Find My Way,” which came out on April 1. If you haven’t learned the Toosie Slide at this point, forget about it. Starting this Friday, there’ll probably be a few new dances flooding your feed.

DaBaby’s Latest Album Blame It On Baby Has Arrived