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Diddy and J.Lo Dance-Reunite During Diddy’s Easter Dance-a-Thon on Instagram Live

Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images for Caesars Entertainment

Depending on when you read this, Diddy’s Easter dance-a-thon might still be raging on Instagram Live. The rapper and producer, along with his six children, has been hosting an all-day charity event to raise money for health-care workers battling COVID-19 through, one which has raised over $3,400,000 and counting. If that wasn’t heartwarming enough, everyone who has stopped by Diddy’s Instagram party, from LeBron James to Will Smith, is coming to you in full, grown-out dad-beard mode. Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez also stopped by Sunday, though of course J.Lo’s version of “grown-out dad beard” is “looking like she just rolled off the table after an eighty minute spa massage.”

Much like you and your ex often do, Diddy and Lopez ended up in a mini-merengue-off to Elvis Crespo’s “Suavemente.” Laughed Lopez, “I probably taught you that!” She also gushed about A-Rod’s deep and abiding love of Diddy’s music. “Puffy, Puffy, you have to know this, because I don’t think you know this,” she explained. “This guy right here is your biggest fan from the ‘Bad Boy’ era. Any party we do, anything, it’s like, ‘Put on Puffy and Mase!’”

And, hey, if you don’t have an early-2000s nostalgia hangover from seeing Jennifer Lopez and Diddy together in one place, there were a ton of other excellent celebrity dance cameos for you to enjoy, from Megan the Stallion to LeBron to Drake to whoever is currently dancing on Diddy’s IG. Seriously, it might still be going on, no matter when you’re reading this.

Diddy and J.Lo Dance-Reunite for Diddy’s Easter Dance-a-Thon