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Fiona Apple Fans Have Cut Our Bolts With These Memes

Clock the tat. Photo: Courtesy of Fiona Apple

Pop stans launching entire Twitter putsches over a new release from their chosen idols is nothing new. Hell hath no fury like a Barb scorned. BTS Army will take over any and all trending search terms. But /r/indieheads, and Fiona Apple fans, specifically (what do we call them? Idler Wheels?) are operating on a whole other plane of existence. If you’ve noticed a whole lot of talk of bolt cutters and the act of fetching them on your timeline today, that’s because Fiona Apple just released her fifth studio album, commandingly named Fetch the Bolt Cutters. Her first album in eight years, and the first new album to score a perfect ten on Pitchfork since My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, this album drop caused the sort of flurry of ecstatic fan output normally reserved for more traditionally commercial acts. We’ve rounded up the best, funniest, and most relatable meme reactions to Apple’s new album. It’s Apple szn!

Cutters? For bolts? Groundbreaking.

We would like to see the full Bolt Cutters redub of The Devil Wears Prada.

When Fiona Apple and Blac Chyna ask us to cut the bolts, we ask, “How high?”

The level of art history here. The degrees of reiteration. The tiny little bolt cutters in the irritatin’ girls’ hands.

Rose Dommu with the furry representation.

Rude to Fiona to use a red delicious, the most useless of apples.

Really makes you think.

Cut those bolts, D.W. Free yourself.

Does “Rick Dalton pointing” have a Know Your Meme page yet?

Yes, Joel Kim Booster, but have your bolts been cut?


When she reaches those notes that’s called a (Tony) soprano.

Of course Americana at Brand Memes has an angle.

A Fiona Appletini for the Bolt-foot Cut-essa.

Twitter today:


How to make the performance of 2019 even better:

Kermit said, “I felt that.” (Get it? Felt. Do you get it? Do you?)

Bolt Cutters Twitter is such a welcome respite from Quarantine Twitter.

And it’s no coincidence.

Weird dreams.

Let her have this, Josh Gondelman.

The lie, I don’t see it.

A classic.

Another classic. Another club. Another club.

If you thought I wasn’t going to sneak my own tweet in here, you’ve mistaken me for someone with class.

Fiona Apple Fans Have Cut Our Bolts With These Memes