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Fiona Apple and Her Dog Announce Fetch the Bolt Cutters Will Arrive This Month

We’ve officially escaped the hellscape that was March, and thankfully there is good news on the horizon for the month of April. On Wednesday, the legendary Fiona Apple announced that her first album in eight years, Fetch the Bolt Cutters, will be digitally released on April 17. “Really, what it’s about is not being afraid to speak,” says Apple of Fetch the Bolt Cutters, cheekily named after a quote from fellow 90s queen Gillian Anderson. Apple announced the news on the Fiona Apple Rocks Tumblr page (how retro) with a video of a black dog running gracefully on the shore underscored by machinist sounds with the caption, “It’s coming.” The video is a far cry from J.Lo pole-dancing to “Criminal,” but we’ll take footage of an adorable dog running on a beach announcing a new Fiona Apple album any day. Actually, as soon as humanly possible would be nice, but if we can’t “play Fetch” until April 17, then so be it.

Fiona Apple Announces New Album Will Arrive This Month