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Gigi Hadid Confirms: She’s Pregnant

Gigi Hadid. Photo: Victor Trasvina/Getty Images for WSJ. Magazine Innovators Awards

Earlier this week, rumors swirled about a certain beautiful bun in the oven, TMZ reporting that on-again-off-again couple Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik are having a baby. Gigi, per the gossip site’s alleged family sources, is about 20 weeks into her pregnancy and expecting a girl, although neither of the alleged parents-to-be immediately substantiated the claims. But in a sneak peek of Thursday’s Tonight Show, the supermodel confirmed: she’s pregnant.

“Obviously, we wish we could’ve announced it on our own terms, but we’re very excited and happy and grateful for everyone’s well wishes and support,” she told a very enthusiastic Jimmy Fallon, thanking him for his congratulations.

“Especially during this time, it’s a nice silver lining to be able to be home and together and really experience it day by day,” she added.

The pair are isolating at the Hadid’s farm in Pennsylvania, where they celebrated Gigi’s 25th birthday last week, along with Gigi’s sister, fellow supermodel Bella, and cool mom, Yolanda. Incidentally, Yolanda confirmed the pregnancy to a Dutch outlet on Wednesday, saying she was “excited to become a Oma in September.” So, not a whole lot of uncertainty to eliminate here, but good to hear the news straight from the source regardless.

According to Entertainment Tonight, the couple had been trying to keep the news quiet, telling only family and close friends. “Once Gigi and Zayn got back together at the end of last year, it was like they never skipped a beat and knew what they had was special,” ET’s source said. “The couple and their families are overjoyed.”

Gigi Hadid Confirms: She’s Pregnant