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Governor Andrew Cuomo Embraces ‘Cuomo-sexuals’ On The Ellen Degeneres Show

Did you know Ellen Degeneres identifies is one of the many people who identify as “Cuomo-sexual?” On Thursday, April 30, Governor Andrew Cuomo appeared on The Ellen Degeneres Show and discussed the growing fan club of supporters he and his brother are gaining. Degeneres, whose show is currently under fire for mistreatment of its crew during the social distance era, told Governor Cuomo that she and many others jokingly identify as “Cuomo-sexual” i.e. someone who is really into Cuomos of the Andrew and Chris variety. “Yeah, I think that’s a good thing,” Governor Cuomo said when Ellen shared the news. “I don’t think it’s a bad thing.”

If you were worried that their sibling rivalry had cooled down, do not worry, Governor Cuomo is still gunning to be your favorite Cuomo. “Yeah, but you enjoy me more? Didn’t you say that earlier?” the Governor asks Degeneres, who politely tells Andrew that he is, in fact, her favorite Cuomo at the moment. Even though Governor Cuomo wants to be everyone’s favorite Cuomo, he’s still got lots of love for his brother, Chris. “You can’t be closer than I am with Chris. He’s my best friend. He’s my little best friend.” According to Governor Cuomo, both Chris and his wife Cristina have recovered from COVID-19, but now their son has contracted the disease. At the end of the interview, Degeneres said that when - not if, but when - Governor Cuomo runs for president, he has her vote. “No pressure,” Cuomo quipped before realizing he was supposed to say “no comment.” 6 months before 2020, Ellen has already endorsed her candidate for 2024, which feels about right.

Governor Andrew Cuomo Embraces ‘Cuomosexuals’ On Ellen