David Bruckner Will Open the Box and Direct the New Hellraiser Movie

Photo: New World Pictures

People just won’t stop opening that damn box. It was previously announced that David S. Goyer would be producing a new take on the classic horror film Hellraiser, and now according to The Hollywood Reporter, the movie has a director. David Bruckner, who has helmed The Signal, Ritual, and this year’s Sundance hit The Night House (also produced by Goyer), will direct the forthcoming adaption. Goyer is handling the story, and the script is being co-written by Ben Collins and Luke Piotrowski. The question with resurrected horror franchises is often whether they will take the reboot, remake, or spiritual-sequel approach, but Spyglass is calling this one a “reimagining” and saying it will be “loyal, yet evolved.” As long as souls are still being feasted upon by Cenobites we will keep an open mind.

David Bruckner Will Open the Box, Direct the New Hellraiser