Good Luck to Disney Finding an Actor Buff Enough for a Live-Action Hercules

Okay, now picture this without the charming artistry and with a shirtless Danny DeVito. Photo: Walt Disney Pictures

If I were to make a list of my childhood crushes, Tony Award–winning actor Roger Bart would be right there at the top. Not because I knew what he looked like, but because he was the voice of classic hot Disney cartoon Hercules. Now, Disney is going to have to find a real live hot person to play him because it’s ordered a live-action remake of the animated film. Sure, this past decade saw a number of failed live-action Herculeses, but those didn’t have songs. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Marvel writer Dave Callaham will be in charge of the script. Joe and Anthony Russo will direct, and at the very least, they know a thing or two about putting live-action Pegasi in their Disney movies. The Hollywood Reporter states that this project is still “far from the casting stage,” although Disney would be crazy not to capitalize on Ariana Grande’s “I Won’t Say I’m in Love” performance and signature Megara ponytail. While it is unclear whether or not this remake will also be a musical comedy or, like the upcoming Mulan, take more of an action approach, Disney is working on a Hercules musical for the stage, so this could be a tie-in. Oh, and the whole thing will be worth it if Danny DeVito reprises his role as Phil in live action. We want to see shirtless Danny DeVito with realistic goat legs. We need to see shirtless Danny DeVito with realistic goat legs.

Good Luck Finding Actor Buff Enough for Live-Action Hercules