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Joy Behar Isn’t Leaving The View After All, for Breitbart’s Sake

After Variety reported on April 8 that Joy Behar was planning to leave The View in 2022, Behar set the record straight and put Whoopi Goldberg at ease: She’s not planning on retiring anytime soon. On today’s episode of The View, which is now filmed remotely from the co-hosts’ homes due to coronavirus, Behar cleared up any misconceptions, saying, “The rumors of my retirement have been greatly exaggerated. You know, here’s the thing: What am I going to do? This pandemic has changed the game. At one point, you think, gee, I could retire and take a cruise around the world. I won’t even watch reruns of Love Boat at this point. So where am I gonna go? What will I do? I need to be on television.”

Behar makes a valid point. She’s a celebrity. She needs to be on television. Also: what channels are still playing reruns of Love Boat? Behar continues with possibly the most out-there case for why she’s staying on The View: “Also, let’s not forget that I provide employment for right-wing media. I’m a job creator over at Breitbart. Everything I say appears on Breitbart. I don’t see how I could leave.” Smash cut to the The View group chat for Meghan McCain’s reaction.

McCain, who announced her pregnancy on March 22 and who is wearing her Lady Gaga Glasses, still wants Behar around, saying, “There’s a pandemic, and an election, and the world is insane, and also I’m pregnant and I need advice from you about being pregnant, from someone that probably does pregnancy similar to how I’m going to do it. So it’s not an option, Joy. You’re not leaving.”

So there you have it. Behar will stick around to sling lasagnas another day.

Joy Behar Isn’t Leaving The View, for Breitbart’s Sake