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Let Jamie xx’s New Song Be the Soundtrack to Your Living Room Raves

Photo: Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

The audacity of Jamie xx to release a great new dance track while the clubs are closed and we’re all stuck in our homes. Guess we’ll just have to improvise. The English producer and xx member formally dropped his song “Idontknow” today, his first solo track since his beautiful first album, In Colour, in 2015. He’s actually been spinning the song since late last year, when it became popular on the club circuit, but it’s now on Spotify and will be available on vinyl by May. So take it as a sign that you need a pick-me-up and throw yourself a little living-room rave tonight. Take some inspiration from the accompanying video clip, a pre-social-distancing gathering of friends hamming it up for the camera. When this is all over, you’ll have some new, tested moves for the dance floor.

Let Jamie xx’s New Song Soundtrack Your Living Room Raves