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January Jones, Quarantine Eccentric, Wants to Show You Her Garden

Is she a Big Edie or a Little Edie? Photo: Courtesy of Instagram.

Maintaining her lightweight Tim and Eric self-isolation vibe, January Jones has more tips for how to maximize your shelter-in-place orders. Now that you’ve learned how to make a “human stew” detox bath and have possibly mastered tap dancing, the Mad Men star suggests taking in some natural wonders to soothe your soul. Jones knows you might not have a garden, so why not enjoy hers if you’re stressed? In a silky floral robe and bejeweled slippers, Jones — with the help of her demanding director, who sounds like a child and is maybe her son Xander — points at plants somewhere on the grounds of her house and talks about how soothing that’s been for her. The director, dissatisfied, demands Jones bring more emotion to her takes while she advocates for a more natural approach. There’s also a jackhammer in the distance she is apparently fighting to talk over, and since, according to her caption, Jones has not learned to edit videos yet, we get the unpolished, behind-the-scenes cut of her small garden tour.

There’s even a part two. And if you’re concerned, don’t be. Jones wants you to know this is “Not Grey Gardens.”

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