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Apparently the Ghost of a Little Girl Lives in Jennifer Coolidge’s Bathroom

Because you’ve probably never been lucky enough to be invited to Jennifer Coolidge’s Halloween party, Superstore’s Ben Feldman and Nico Santos can help you relive what they remember of it. Feldman and Santos teamed up for our latest episode of Two Friends: A Nice Time Hanging Out With People Who Know Each Other Well ahead of Superstore’s de facto season finale last night, and what a ride it was. Our tale begins on a late October night on a cast trip to New Orleans (which America Ferrera and Lauren Ash were unfortunately unable to attend), and it involves a lot of absinthe. Apparently, at some point in the evening the cast was lead by a “vampire-adjacent” woman into a vampire speakeasy to mingle with people who consider themselves vampires. How brave! Luckily they survived, surely thanks to Nico, who knew better than to pursue anything romantic with the flirty undead.

But the story takes a truly delightful turn when the group gets to a Halloween party at Jennifer Coolidge’s house. If the phrase “Halloween party at Jennifer Coolidge’s house” isn’t enticing enough, please know that apparently at said Halloween party, guests cannot use the ground-floor bathroom. They must instead use the upstairs bathroom near Ms. Coolidge’s many kimonos. This is because the ground-floor bathroom is inhabited by the ghost of a young girl, and clearly said girl has no desire to watch you do your business. Or maybe it’s like a Moaning Myrtle situation? Either way, this is a beautiful Hollywood fact, that no amount of pandemic can take away from us. For more glorious distractions like this, tune in next week when Adam Pally and Casey Wilson will reunite on April 29 and 4 p.m. PT/7 p.m. ET.

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Apparently a Ghost Lives in Jennifer Coolidge’s Bathroom