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This Is the Face of a Man Whose Children Don’t Care About His Late-Night Monologue

In their defense, Vulture doesn’t really want to hear topical jokes about Dr. Phil’s ideology either. Cranking out a Tonight Show monologue from the comfort of his extremely slide-friendly home, Jimmy Fallon invited his two daughters destined for a future Disney Channel sitcom, Winnie and Franny, to join him in the background for moral support. They really didn’t want to be there. There were stuffed animals and dolls to play with. Gossip to share! Maybe even some snacks. “Hey guys, shhhh,” Fallon finally implores. “Let’s whisper for a second, I’m doing this, okay?” They left a few minutes later, but not before blessing us with this incredible facial journey from their dad.

The Face of a Man Whose Kids Don’t Care About His Monologue