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Steve Higgins’ Quarantine Goes From Zero to Attempted Patricide Real Fast

It can’t be all cute blonde toddlers and indoor slides forever. Checking in with his long-running Tonight Show sidekick, Steve Higgins, to see how his quarantine is going, Jimmy Fallon was greeted with one of the most grotesque images of a family dynamic since Laocoön and His Sons made its Vatican debut: Higgins’ gang of three sons punched him in the face a few times, snapped his chic glasses in half, and knocked his head out with a pan, Looney Tunes-style. (His daughter, meanwhile, is a nurse at the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic.) “You guys are nuts,” he finally musters. “I’m bleeding pretty bad. Oh my god, who turned the lights out?” Sorry, not us.

Steve Higgins’ Quarantine Goes From Zero to Patricide Fast