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We Have Many More Questions About Jimmy Fallon’s House Slide After Learning Its Origin Story

Forget the kids. On the newest at-home edition of The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon and his wife, Nancy Juvonen, finally talked about that other, far less sentient breakout star of his show: the bright-orange slide that connects two floors of their Hamptons home, which would surely make Pee-wee loose his shit. Juvonen confirmed that the whimsical flourish was her idea, although we’re still not totally sure how they managed to squeeze it into their abode. “The slide is in an old barn and the only thing I knew we wanted to do with the barn is put a slide down the middle of it. It didn’t come out quite as cute as it should’ve,” she explained. “I drew that slide coming down and once you draw it, you can bring it to life. How cool and fun is that. I go down the slide usually all the time.” Was a load-bearing wall compromised during the installation? How many builders did it take? And, more importantly, what’s the material to ensure your legs don’t chafe over time? We don’t get those answers, although Fallon added that “kids, adults, everyone uses the slide.”

Fallon and His Wife Tell the Story Behind Their House Slide