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Please Give Jimmy Fallon and His Wife’s Love Story a Rom-Com Adaptation

With their daughters given the day off, Jimmy Fallon and his wife, film producer (and camera-shy) Nancy Juvonen, went on a literal walk around their Hamptons abode and a philosophical walk down memory lane. That’s right — it’s time for their love story. The couple, who have been married for over a decade, met on the set of Fever Pitch, thanks to the sly matching skills of their mutual friend, Drew Barrymore. Juvonen was there producing, while Fallon was starring as a man-child with an unhealthy Boston Red Sox obsession. “You had white pants, a pink sweater, and a green backpack, and blonde hair and your white teeth,” Fallon recalled when he first saw her. “It was like a painting.” They were both instantly smitten with each other, and the Fever Pitch filming schedule always made it easy for them to socialize.

“We got to flirt and hang out and get to know each other without having to go on a date or anything like that,” Juvonen said. “For months we got to just be pals and have crushes, which is so hard and so fun. It shouldn’t just be limited to high school.” However, she feared that Fallon, coupled with his more prominent SNL gig, was a ladies man: “I’m like, he’s probably dating 30 women. I know now how funny that is, but at the time I didn’t know.” It still took a few more months for the duo to officially get together, thanks to a required Fever Pitch press trip to London. This time, Fallon didn’t blow it. “I was like, Hey, I miss you, I wanna hang out with you,” he explained, adding, “this is gonna be the corniest video you’ve ever seen.” You say corny, we say a mid-budget rom-com that would have some moderate success on Netflix.

Please Give Jimmy Fallon and His Wife’s Love Story a Rom-Com