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Jimmy Fallon’s Daughter Loses a Tooth, Dares to Be Even More Adorable

If Jimmy Fallon’s daughters don’t stop, they’re gonna end up with a Disney Channel show and record deal in no time. While sheltering in place, the host’s daughters, Franny and Winnie Fallon, have made the The Tonight Show their quarantine side gig, instantly boosting the cuteness factor of all the episodes. While the girls are monologue must-sees, on Tuesday’s episode, Winnie won over interviewees Ciara and Russell Wilson with her brand new, fresh-from-the-mouth lost tooth. “Daddy, I lost a tooth!” she came yelling in the background of Fallon’s video interview. “Mommy put a string around my tooth and she tried to pull it out and then it worked,” the 6-year-old explained to the genuinely riveted Wilsons. It literally doesn’t get any cuter than that. The Fallon family vlog, formerly known as The Tonight Show, is coming for all the family channels on YouTube and probably wouldn’t mind an Emmy either.

Jimmy Fallon’s Daughter Loses a Tooth, Dares to Be Cuter