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Jimmy Fallon’s Daughters Might As Well Get Their Own Show At This Point

If it wasn’t for the societal concept of “school,” we have a feeling that Winnie and Franny Fallon, noted agents of chaos, would usurp a certain Tonight Show house band with their lethal combination of cuteness and nepotism. Or, more realistically, maybe get their own gig over at PBS Quibi. Take their latest late-night appearance with their dad, for instance: They barge right in mid-monologue (cute rainboots!) after having enough of the great outdoors, and, repeating the the success of their last “Thank You Notes” segment, once again employ the boo button for jokes they’re not in the mood for. (In their defense, the jokes are about butts.) Even Fallon’s wife, Nancy, remarks as the camera operator how good things are going. And by good, she obviously means another viral clip to last us through the weekend.

Jimmy Fallon’s Daughters Should Get Their Own Show Now