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Joe Biden Makes First Late-Night TV Appearance on Desus & Mero After President Obama’s Endorsement

Fresh off of Bernie Sanders suspending his campaign and President Obama’s endorsement, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden made his first late-night television program appearance as the presumptive nominee on Desus & Mero on Thursday night. Vice-President Biden fielded questions from both Desus and Mero, with Desus asking if Biden had to “twist [Obama’s] ear” in order to get his endorsement. According to Biden, he actually asked President Obama not to endorse his campaign for president early on, because he didn’t want to seem entitled to the position. “He’s my friend, and we’ve been friends, but I asked him not to do it because it would look like the former vice-president, the president putting his finger on the scale, etcetera,” said Biden. “Because I had to earn it myself.”

Throughout the interview, Biden waxed on about his relationship with President Obama, sharing that he and Obama would get lunch together once a week just the two of them — a deal they made early on — and that Biden would get to be the last person in the room on every major decision. It wasn’t an ego thing, claims Biden, but it was because he “didn’t want to disagree with [Obama] in front of anyone else.” Biden also shared an inside joke between himself and the former-president-now-documentary-film-producer: “He’s better at basketball, and I’m better at football.”

Biden ended the interview by stating that the younger generation hasn’t gotten a fair shake these last 15 years. “We have to realize that this generation has taken a kick in the teeth,” Biden said of millennials. He may have lost one voter, though, as the Kid Mero made it very clear that he’s a single-issue voter and that he can only support a candidate who drinks Glacier ice-blue Gatorade. In response, Biden pulled out an orange (!) Gatorade and told Mero, “You’re on your own,” shocking both Mero and Gatorade lovers to their cores. So, there you have it. Now we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Joe Biden prefers orange Gatorade to Glacier blue.

Joe Biden Goes on Desus & Mero After Obama Endorsement