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John Mulaney Was Recently Plagued by a Rob Reiner Anxiety Dream

It’s a confirmed fact that many of us are having some weird-ass dreams while quarantining, and it turns out that John Mulaney is no exception. During his remote chat with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show last night, Mulaney — after expertly interpreting Colbert’s dream about having to host his show in a location where the cops can’t find him — opened up about a recent dream he had that was all about Rob Reiner. It involves the following: Mulaney giving an uncomfortable interview about Reiner, feeling like he said something “too candid” and being nervous about how Reiner feels about it; driving Reiner around (from the passenger’s seat, and he feels trapped inside the car but the car is still a “regular” car) to check out the cherry blossoms; Reiner not having the best time seeing the cherry blossoms; and eventually being given a pill by Reiner (that is also the acid-reflux medication Mulaney gives his dog in real life) that prompted Mulaney to wake up from the dream.

After laughing through tears for a few seconds, Colbert attempted to interpret Mulaney’s dream. “Well, the first thing about the dream that it gets right is that Rob Reiner is very demanding … I’m surprised you don’t know him, because that’s very much what he’s like,” Colbert said before arguing that the Reiner dream is all about Mulaney’s current anxieties. “The anxiety is you have said something to upset someone you admire, and they may or may not have heard what you said and will not reveal to you, and therefore either lance the boil of anxiety or eliminate the boil of anxiety … I think you should just call them,” Colbert added. “I think I will,” Mulaney agreed. “I’m sure it’s about my parents, but I’ll also give Rob Reiner a call.” Please Reiner, pick up the phone when Mulaney calls so we can have some closure.

John Mulaney Was Plagued by a Rob Reiner Anxiety Dream