Karen Chee Has a Definitive Ranking of the von Trapp Children

Thanks to the coronavirus, comedians are now trapped at home like the rest of us, so we decided that while we’re all self-quarantining, we’d do something a little different from our usual “Follow Friday” column. Instead of interviewing up-and-coming comedians we love on Twitter, we’re going live on Instagram every week to check in on some of our favorite people in comedy to get a firsthand look into how they’re handling the pandemic. So welcome to our new version of the column, now titled “Follow (From a Safe Distance) Friday.”

This week, I had a digital sit-down with Karen Chee (Late Night With Seth Meyers, The New Yorker, the comment section of every alpaca-themed Instagram account) to talk about how she’s keeping it together during a global pandemic. She introduced us to Saint Mary Berry, explained how she’s adapting to solo joke writing, and gave us the secret recipe to her favorite quarantine cocktail (hint: soju and margarita mix). She even answered some fan questions about her go-to quarantine film: The Sound of Music. How many times has she rewatched it? Three and a half. Can she rank the von Trapp children? Easy. Has she made any clothing out of curtains yet? Well: “Sorry to say I haven’t yet, but I will soon, as soon as I adopt seven half-orphans.”

You can find Karen on Instagram and Twitter at @karencheee.

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Karen Chee Definitively Ranks the von Trapp Children