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Katie Couric Has Some Tips for Jennifer Aniston’s Morning Show Character

“Ebullience.” Photo-Illustration: Vulture, YouTube and Shutterstock

Katie Couric has feedback for The Morning Show, not complaints. On a recent episode of the podcast Everything Iconic With Danny Pellegrino, the television host offered a mini-review of the Apple TV+ drama, on which Jennifer Aniston plays a host said to be based on Couric during her time on the Today show. That includes the since-fired Matt Lauer, whom Steve Carell’s character is thought to be based on, among many other disgraced media men. The podcast episode was Couric’s first time talking about the show publicly since its debut last year, but it was definitely not her first time thinking about it. “I have so many thoughts … I thought some of it was really interesting, and I think the long-term impact, and the serious devastation that results from certain behaviors, was quite well represented, or quite well conveyed in that,” she said. Couric added that she didn’t want to leak her full review, which will be detailed in her 2021 memoir, but offered a little advice. “I think Jennifer Aniston is great,” she led with a compliment. “I wish they had made her more charismatic because I think you need a certain ebullience to pull off a show like that. I thought it was really interesting to watch. I mean, I’m writing all about all this stuff in my book, so I’m not gonna say too much, but it was very interesting for me to watch — I’ll just leave it at that.” Jennifer Aniston and her ebullience have 24 hours to respond. Or they can just wait to prove her wrong in season two of The Morning Show.

Katie Couric Has Some Tips for The Morning Show