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Kelley Flanagan Turns Against The Bachelor, Says Production ‘Locked Me Up in a Closet’

Kelley Flanagan Photo: Presley Ann/Getty Images for Seagram’s Escap/2020 Getty Images

When Peter Weber’s Bachelor season concluded one year month ago, he failed spectacularly at making a long-term commitment to any of his contestants, and now he’s once again canoodling with one of the only women America tolerated, Chicago non-influencer and attorney Kelley Flanagan. The duo has gotten some flak for flagrant displays of public affection in the self-quarantine era, but now, in the confines of her apartment, Flanagan is passing the time by being unusually candid about the extent of the “bullshit” the show’s producers flung their way during filming. (No NDA?) “I told Peter, ‘They don’t let me see you. They locked me up in a closet for three hours last week, and they won’t let me see you,’” she told the Almost Famous podcast about a mid-season conversation the two shared offscreen. “I said, ‘You clearly know they push some people forward and they don’t push others forward.’ It’s just — I saw him, things were getting in his head that he wasn’t able to make his own decision, and it just kind of pissed me off.”

Bachelor viewers were previously aware that Flanagan, whom Weber refuses to call his girlfriend just yet, serendipitously met the pilot at a hotel lobby in Los Angeles days before the season began filming. Because of this, the duo had one of the strongest romantic attractions in the early episodes. However, that connection began to fade as the season progressed, and Flanagan was eliminated before hometown visits. She now believes Weber was fed lies by the producers in order to keep more reality-friendly contestants on the show.

“The first couple of weeks I saw him look at me differently compared to when we got on our one-on-one and I could tell a hundred percent that, like, producers were in his head,” she explained on the podcast. “Because on the one-on-one, nothing happened between us, but he had this demeanor toward me that was so pissed off. I was looking at him like, What the hell were you told? Because nothing happened here for you to have this attitude. And so right then and there, I knew something was going on behind the scenes.” The duo seems fine now, unless Weber changes his mind once again.

Bachelor’s Kelley Says Producers Locked Her ‘Up in a Closet’