Life Is a Mystery, But at Least We Have Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Like a Prayer’ Cover

Kelly Clarkson covering Madonna should be no surprise — she auditioned for American Idol with “Express Yourself,” after all. But for Kelly to take on one of Madonna’s biggest vocal numbers, and perform it while we’re all bored out of our minds in quarantine? She saw us in a crisis and was on her way. Clarkson has graduated from performing in the bathroom at her Montana ranch and is now joined remotely by her house band (like last week, when she sang “Focus” by H.E.R.). There’s production value, there’s belting, there’s her bass player performing in front of a blow-up pool. And when it comes down to it, there’s a perfect Madonna song sung by a perfect vocalist. Kelly’s voice can take us there.

At Least We Have Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Like a Prayer’ Cover