Liam Gallagher Will Perform a Benefit Concert With or Without Noel

Liam doing his own percussion. Photo: GEORG HOCHMUTH/APA/AFP via Getty Images

There are two types of celebrity feuds: regular beefs, and what Arrested Development once deemed boyfights. Taylor and Kanye? That’s a feud. Cuomo brothers? Boyfight. Usher and the Weeknd aren’t brothers, so that’s a plain old feud. Noel and Liam Gallagher? Textbook boyfight. Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, Liam Gallagher has been trying to get his estranged former bandmate and brother Noel to join him in an Oasis reunion charity performance for coronavirus. Now, Liam has received half his wish: He announced on Twitter that he will perform a free concert for NHS and careworkers at the O2 in London on October 29. He tweeted the news on April 10, adding “They do an incredible job, we are very lucky to have them.” According to the O2 website’s event page, NHS workers and NHS contract staff can purchase two tickets, and will have to present valid NHS ID or Primary Care Trust ID for entry. The poster for the concert promises “special guests,” which we suppose leaves room open for Noel to have a change of heart.

In case you missed the previous installments in the Gallagher boyfights series, Noel left the band in 2009, and in 2011 held a press conference where he cited Liam’s frequent violent behavior as his reason for leaving. Since then, Liam spent years using Twitter to dump on Noel, especially after the latter didn’t join him to perform at One Love Manchester (if you want a thorough timeline of Gallagher boyfights, Pitchfork has you covered). Liam has been trying to put his and Noel’s differences aside for a coronavirus charity benefit since mid-March, when he tweeted “we need to get oasis back for a 1 of gig rite for charity c’mon Noel we can then go back to our amazing solo careers c’mon you know,” and followed it up with “c’mon noel what a gig oh and the cheeky girls what a fucking line up c’mon you know.”

This was right around the time that Liam released hand-washing videos with Oasis sing-along concepts like “WONDERWASH” and “champagne SOAPERNOVA.”

On March 24, Liam changed his tactics, tweeting “Rite sick of pleading begging etc no more olive branches I DEMAND an oasis reunion after this is all over all money going to NHS c’mon you know As we were LG x.”

But he conceded that a charity concert for NHS “will happen with or with out Noel Gallagher,” promising “it’ll still blow your knickers off.”

As of April 3, any efforts to reach out to Noel clearly hadn’t succeeded. Apparently Liam heard that “Noel Gallagher wants to burn my house down fucking hell im in total shock.”

Meanwhile, according to the Daily Mail, Noel has asked his local city council to install security measures like CCTV cameras and walls around his mansion, and he’s stocking up on beer for the lockdown.

Anyway, here’s “Wonderwall.”

Liam Gallagher to Host Benefit Concert With or Without Noel