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Rising Star Bob Dylan Is Back With New Single ‘I Contain Multitudes’

Remember that young upstart musician, Bob Dylan, who received his career first Billboard No. 1 last week? Well, he’s back with new music and he wants the world to know that he contains multitudes. Bob Dylan has followed up his JFK assassination ballad “Murder Most Foul” with a new song, “I Contain Multitudes,” which he released at midnight on Friday, April 17. Dylan announced the new song on his official Twitter page, cryptically writing “#today and #tomorrow, #skeletons and #nudes, #sparkle and #flash, #AnneFrank and #IndianaJones, #fastcars and #fastfood, #bluejeans and #queens, #Beethoven and #Chopin, #life and #death.” But, one listen to the song makes everything clear about how each of these aspects plays a role in Dylan’s multifaceted personality. Check out Bob Dylan’s “I Contain Multitudes” and keep looking out for this kid, because he seems to be really going places!

Rising Star Bob Dylan Is Back With ‘I Contain Multitudes’