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You Can Watch Logan Paul Get Punched in The Face In The Valley Girl Trailer

You know what could be kind of perfect right now? A 1980s jukebox musical remake of the Nicolas Cage movie Valley Girl. Honestly, why not? In the debut trailer, we open with a mom (Alicia Silverstone) easing her daughter’s teenage heartbreak (Camila Morrone as the teen) by sitting her down and telling a tale from her own rocking and rolling youth, at which point we flashback to young Alicia as played by Jessica Rothe (Happy Death Day) singing “We Got The Beat” by the The Go-Go’s while standing atop a mall fountain. Teen daughter is skeptical about the full tilt musical number her mom describes, but hey, that’s how mom remembers it, so that’s how this story of love and loss and hair metal on the Sunset strip is going to go! In addition to this very exciting news for the Jessica Rothe Hive, there’s also Mae Whitman, Jessie Ennis, Chloe Bennet, Peyton List, and Logan Paul playing that very specific type of 80s teen douchebag who we get to see take a punch to the face. Valley Girl sounds like a pure, nice time, and it debuts on digital May 8.

Logan Paul Gets Punched in The Face In Valley Girl Trailer